Google Drive in the Classroom


Several things can be done when using Google drive in the classroom. Here are a couple of ideas. If I had access to an IWB in my classroom, I would correct homework using Google drive. I would assign different exercises to different students/teams, and ask them to write the correct answer on the shared document. All of the answers would simultaneously, as mentioned in Susan Fogarty’s post, show on the IWB screen. Following that, I would have students raise them hands to correct the mistakes.

Another interesting way of using Google drive is having teams write a modern or new version of a poem/short text/fairy tale as a script for a reader’s theater activity. Since I have a tendency to form the teams, I often get students telling me that they cannot meet with their teammates outside of school to work on a given project. Google drive is a good solution to this problem! Also, it allows for saving paper and trees, as shown in this video. For other interesting ways of how to use Google drive in the classroom, take a look at this interesting presentation.


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