Let’s make it more interesting..

ImageOne great tool that I recently discovered is Prezi. This tool may remind you of PowerPoint, but it is quite better in my opinion. Just like PowerPoint, Prezi can be used for presentations, may it be business related or not; you can even import your PowerPoint and transform it into a Prezi presentation. The reason why I now use it is for teaching ESL. Though I have only had the chance to use it using a regular computer screen, Prezis could also be presented using an IWB. Dan Holowack offers 5 good reasons to use Prezi instead of PowerPoint. Sharon Hartle also points out several advantages for using Prezi. For example, if you are a student or a teacher, and you can prove it by providing a student or teacher email address, your package will be upgraded for free. That means that if you want to sign up for the first time, you will get to choose between 3 packages, 1 being free. However, because you sign up as a teacher or student, you will get the middle package for free. Once you have signed up and are logged in, you have a variety of background to choose from. The backgrounds aren’t like the regular PowerPoint backgrounds. They are theme related, which I find awesome!! For example, if you are doing a presentation on Success, you can choose a tree as a background, and put your items (same as the PowerPoint slides, but they can be as big as or small as you want) in the different parts of the tree. Using this example, you could then choose to put the elements that caused your success in the roots, and the outcomes of your success on the different branches. In order to go from one item to the other one, you only have to zoom in and out, move the screen with your mouse or finger (IWB). The movements on the screen make the presentation much more engaging and interesting as the image is going from one point to another point on your main background. I find that it really gives more of a general overview of the topic of you presentation. Also, the fact that it is less monotonous than what we have been used to helps for students’ concentration.

            I used a Prezi for my first presentation when I started teaching my group. They really enjoyed the idea, and I had a lot of great comments after my presentation. It was also a great way of presenting the class rules and consequences. I had also included a funny video in the Prezi, and pictures. As mentioned in this video, in order to add information in your Prezi, or any other items such as a picture, you only click where you want it to be and you write something or download a file. You can also rotate your picture or your video. I then kept on using Prezis for different other purposes. Honestly, I find it’s an amazing tool and it is so easy to use. Another great thing for first users is that there is an explaining video on the main page of the website. The video is short, clear, and helpful.


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